A Smartphone with A 3D Screen Is the Phone of the Future

A Smartphone with A 3D Screen Is the Phone of the Future If you look back at the last hundred years or so you will be amazed at how far technology has come.  We have been able to do so much so fast.  Our lives have been significantly improved with many of the technological breakthroughs that have happened, while others seem more for fun.  Whatever you consider them to be, the newest technology is a smartphone with a 3D screen.  It is truly the phone of the future.

Amazon has decided that it wants to compete more openly with companies like Apple and Google with a smartphone that has a 3D screen.  However, they are going beyond phones.  It has been reported that they have developed not one but two phones, and a device that is an audio only streamer.

There is not a lot known yet about these gadgets that Amazon is working on.  They have not released a lot of information as of yet.  This could be that they simply are not ready to show the product off, so therefore they do not want to tell too much about it in fear they say something that they cannot deliver.

It is known that they have a lab in California where they are working on many more technological projects that could change the way we look at technology all together.  This we will not know until they do release the actual products.  We of course know that developing any new type of technology takes a good deal of time and effort on the part of those who are working on them and rushing them could cause errors.

Amazon is a huge e-commerce company that does a lot of business all across the country every year.  These products could make them an even more popular and in demand company than they are now.  With the promise of a smartphone with a 3D screen there are many people waiting to see what all they can produce.

If Amazon really does come out with a smartphone that has a 3D screen it will be the first of its kind available to the consumer and many are going to be lining up to get it.  This will be very exciting technology to many people.  There will potentially be a demand that they will have to deal with that could cause shortages if they cannot produce enough.  Something this exciting is going to have a lot of appeal.  Soon Amazon may be the next big name in smartphone manufacturers.