Best Rated Personal Finance Apps for the Windows Phone

Technology has been working on taking over the financial world for some time now. Software for your computer is common and everywhere. Now apps for your smart phone are common as well. Every type of smart phone has their own apps for personal finance. Here are some of the best rated apps for the Windows Phone.

The first app is called MyStocks Portfolio. This app allows you to track your stocks and manage your portfolio all from your phone. Most markets offer real time quotes for this app. Trade times show you just how recent the quote is so you know whether or not to wait for it to update again.

The next app is called the Budget Buddy. What this app does allows you to track your expenses and manage your budget. With this app you even have the ability to track your expenses with just a photo. You can take a picture of the bill, the register total, your receipt or whatever is available to you to help track your expenses.
An app that is smart and easy to use to help you manage your bills is an app called Pocket Bill. This app is only about $0.99. It is meant to be used with the new Windows Phone 7. The manufacturer claims that this app is so easy to use that a child can do it.

One free app that is very helpful is the Finance Helper. This app has a bill tracking tool and easy to use budget. This app is said to give you all the benefits and features that you want without all the confusion that makes these things difficult in the first place. This app allows you to enter your recurring income and expenses once, and then it creates a monthly budget for you that you can sync with Windows 8. This gives you the option of working on it on your phone while you are on the go or on your computer at home.

Another app that has high ratings is the app called Loan Calculator. This app allows you to figure out what your monthly mortgage payment will be by simply adding some information. This app allows you to enter loan amount, interest, down payment, term, and the start date of the loan to help you figure out what your monthly payment will be.

There are many apps for the Windows 7 Phone that can help you with your personal finances. Some are free, some are not, and those that are not vary in price. Take some time looking through these apps and seeing what apps will be best suited for your needs. To look at more apps go to

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