Career Derailing Social Media Mistakes

Career Derailing Social Media MistakesSocial Media has become a regular part of our lives.  We share almost everything with our various social media outlets, sometimes some of us share too much.  When it comes to your career you need to be very careful, certain posts could derail your career.  Here are the biggest mistakes people make when it comes to their careers and their social media posts.

First and foremost when you get a job you need to know what the company’s policy is on social media.  Some companies do not mind if you post about your job provided you do not post anything negative.  Other companies have a zero posting policy and if they find out that you post something about your job you could end up without one.  Not knowing your company’s social media policy will not excuse you from any punishment that they see fit to give you if you break those rules, so once you start that job find out right away.

When you are overly negative about your job on social media and your boss sees it, it shows them that you are unhappy.  It also shows them that instead of talking to them in hopes of resolving whatever the issue is, you prefer to air your problems online with everyone you know.  This is no one’s business but the company’s and your boss does not want the world knowing why you do not like your job or what is going on at your workplace.

Do not try to stir up problems on social media sites.  This will get you labeled by your boss as a troublemaker and can cause many more problems for you at the workplace.  If you post something that is a general topic of controversy and your HR department feels that it has crossed some line and is offensive in some way, you could not only end up in trouble but you could end up without a job.

Make sure that all the social networks you belong to are treated the same.  All the rules you apply to one should be applied to others.  Do not think that your boss or the HR department will not look into your other social media profiles that they will only look at one.  They will most likely look at all that they can find that are linked to you.  This is how they get to know the real you, the you that they do not see while you are at work.

Do not absentmindedly accept a friend request from your boss.  Before you do you must ask yourself if you want your boss to have access to your profile on that particular social network.  If you have your privacy setting where they have to be your friend to view what you post, keep in mind your boss may want to be friends on that social media site so they can monitor what you are posting.  It is fine to be friends with your boss on social media sites, but it is okay if you do not want to be.  Simply let your boss know that you do not feel comfortable mixing your personal life with your work life.

Social media is a part of life, but so is work.  You need to take care not to mess up your career over a social media post, because quite frankly it is just not worth it, your social media accounts cannot pay your bills.  Be smart when you post to your social media accounts and just do not mention your job.  If you need to vent about your job then grab a friend for a drink, or if it is really bad talk to your boss or HR and try to get the issue worked out, because in the end taking the issue to social media is just going to make things worse.