Credit Unions Showing That Financial Literacy is Top Priority

Credit unions across the country are stepping it up when it comes to financial literacy. They have been making this a top priority amongst their branches. With various techniques they have been paving the way for financial literacy amongst everyone, including the nation’s youth.
Over 58 percent of credit unions have started participating in financial programs at local high schools. They are bringing this information to the youth, so that they have the information they will need when it comes time for them to go out on their own and make their own financial decisions.
These programs are focusing on a few different things. The first of which is credit counseling. They are teaching them when to get counseling, and how to go about it. This can be useful information for when the student gets older, or has questions.
Another thing they are focusing on is retirement planning. It is never too early to start planning and saving for retirement. The credit unions want to give the students the information they need to get started with saving, and what they need to know to keep that going.
They have also been teaching the students the importance of savings. They are doing what they can to get them to start saving, and to continue it throughout the coming years. Not only is saving good for retirement planning, but it comes in handy when an unexpected expense shows up. If you already have some money saved, it can make things a lot easier.
They are also teaching these students about mortgage counseling. The credit unions feel the more people know at a younger age the more prepared they will be in the future. It is not just students that they are educating however, all of their members are welcome to participate in the learning.
The financial services arena is always changing, and at time it can be rather confusing. Credit unions are making a real effort to teach their members what they need to know in order to navigate around the financial world.
Credit unions have been stepping up the effort to keep the public literate in the financial field. They emphasize the benefits of even the most very basic banking services.These credit unions feel the more their members are in the know, the better they can help them.
This goes a long way to insure a good financial future for everyone. Education is extremely important, especially when it comes to banking. With the help of a credit union, it is easy to obtain the information needed to navigate the financial world. They have been a leader in this education, and it truly seems as though there is no end in sight for their financial education.

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