Dealing with Medical Debt

It is easy for medical bills to pile up.  For many it can be very overwhelming.  Most people just do their best to make payments on their bills every month.  But there are a few things that should be considered before and after making these payment plans.
The first thing that you should do is check you bills.  Look for errors.  Everyone makes errors once and while.  That is why it is very important to carefully check over the whole statement.  If you do notice an error then it is important to call the biller and find out what happened. 
The next thing you should do is check your attitude.  If you need to call the company that you owe money to you need to remember to be nice.  They deal with a lot of people every day.  Many of these people can get attitudes while talking to the collectors.  They get frustrated and angry and take it out on the person they are on the phone with.  If you remember to keep calm and be nice, the people at the company will be more likely to help you and work with yo on payment plans and other options.
If your medical debt is large, one thing that you could try is to file for medical financial aid.  Most places have these medical financial aid programs.  Not all that apply for this medial financial aid, but it cannot hurt to try.  You may be surprised, even if you cannot get all of the debt taken away, hey may take some off.  Other than that if you do not qualify for the medical financial aid, the company will still be willing to work with you on setting up payment plan.
When on the phone with the company, try to get a discount.  Sometimes they will offer discounts on your bills if you set up payment plans and pay the full amount agreed upon on time.  They may have other discounts for other things.  The point is to try.  Call and talk to them, you never know what you can get unless you ask.
When all else fails, set up a payment plan.  This can make things easier to get paid off.  If you do not call and set up a payment plan and just send payment in anyway, the company can still send your medical debt to a collection agency.  This is not something that you want.  Collection agencies can be hard to deal with.  The best thing to do is just talk to the company and get a payment plan set up for an amount that you know you can pay every month.  If you find one month that you can afford more, it is still ok to send more.  This will help to lower the amount owed, and the company will not expect that larger amount every month, they will continue to expect the agreed upon amount.
If you have medical debt there is help.  It can pile up fast and be difficult to deal with.  The best thing you can do is contact the company that you owe the money.  If you remain calm and nice they will be willing to help you work out payment plans, discounts, and financial aid.

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