Have You Ever Considered Bartering?

Since the economy took a down turn bartering has become even more popular than it was before.  People are seeing the value in it and are deciding to give it a try.  Even those who have never considered it before, and currently still do not consider it something they want to do are finding themselves being talked into because they know that it is a good idea.

When you barter you trade something that you have and no longer want for something someone else has and no longer wants.  Sometimes this is a fair deal, other times one person’s item may be worth more than the others.  It all depends on what you are looking for, what you are looking to get rid of, what someone else is looking for, and what both parties are willing to trade for.

You may be wondering why someone would trade something that they have for something of lesser value.  Not everyone is willing to do it, but sometimes people simply want an item out of their home and know that they will get much more use out of the other person’s item that is worth less.  By doing things this way you never have to worry about exchanging money.

Bartering ads are most often found online.  Websites such as Craigslist.com have special sections just for those looking to barter.  If you get online and look you may be amazed by the amount of things that you can find that people are willing to trade.

One of the best things about bartering is that you can get rid of that something you no longer want without having to try to find someone willing to spend the money on it, and sometimes that can be much harder.  You also do not have to try and find the item you are looking for in a store for a reasonable price.  Yes when you barter the items you are getting are used, so you need to make sure they work, but if you were to buy them brand new it would cost you a good deal most likely.

This is a trend that is continuously growing.  It does not seem to be going anywhere anytime soon.  In fact it could continue to grow in the next several years and become a bigger industry than it already is.  Currently it is considered to be somewhere around a 12 million dollar industry.  It may seem strange to put a money value on an industry that does not exchange money, but the experts have.  So the next time you have something to get rid of and have something you are looking for, try bartering, see where it gets you and if you like it.  If you do you can do it again, if not at least you can say you gave it a try.