Everyday Ways to Protect Your Identity

When it comes to protecting your identity you can never be too careful.  Identity thieves are always thinking of new ways to try to steal others identity.  Having your identity stolen is a very big deal and it can take a very long time to get everything straightened out once you find out that your identity has been stolen.  There are ways that you can protect your identity on a daily basis.  The most common way that people have their identity stole is the old fashion ways, such as stealing someone’s purse or wallet.
One thing that everyone needs to do is not carry their social security card with them.  If an identity thief steals your purse or wallet and it has your social security card in it they will be able to do more damage to your credit than if they only got credit cards. Buying a safe to keep in your home is a very good investment.  You can keep your social security card in their as well as any credit cards that you are not carrying with you that day.
Unless you are the one initiating contact do not give out any personal information over the phone or on the internet such as through an email.  Identity thieves are finding ways to call people pretending to be their bank or credit card company, and will as to “verify” certain information.  They also create fake email addresses to email people pretending to be their credit card company or bank wanting information.  Do not give them the information!  The fact is if you are not the one to initiate contact you cannot say for certain that they are who they say they are.
Every month when you get your credit card bill, go over it very carefully.  Compare your bill with your receipts for the month.  This will help you catch any unauthorized charges.   The sooner you discover any unauthorized purchases and report them the better off you will be.  It will help keep from more unauthorized charges to be made.
If you are planning on getting a new computer, the best thing you can do with your old computer is to take it to a professional and have any and all information permanently removed.  Sometimes we think we have information deleted and it is gone, but then a computer savvy identity thief comes along and is somehow able to recover that information that you thought was gone for good. 
It is not being paranoid to always be aware of your surroundings and knowing where you purse or wallet is.  It is protecting yourself from identity thieves.  Protecting yourself is one of the most important things you can do for yourself, it is right up there with saving for retirement.  When it comes to your identity you can never be too careful. It is your future at stake, so pay extra attention, and do what you need to do to protect yourself.

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