Financial Tips for Debt-Burdened New Grads

Graduating from college is both exciting and scary.  You are able to start your new life in the world.  For most who graduate college not only are they looking at their future, but they are also looking at a lot of student debt.  The loans taken out to pay their way through college will now have to be repaid.  Depending on how much they had to borrow due to what college they went to and how many years they spent in college.
The first thing that the new grad should do is keep the mindset that they are still a starving student.  Not going overboard on shopping and spending on food will help them save money to pay on their student debt.  Many college grads think once they get a job that they can go out to eat more, this is not something that they should be doing.  By going out to eat more they will be spending more money that they could be putting toward getting their loans paid off.
When you get a job after graduation you need to check into the retirement savings account that they have.  You need to make sure that you are putting enough into the savings account that the company will match it.  If you do not then you are throwing out free money.  It is not a good idea to just throw out free money.  It is important for your future to do this.
If you do not already have a budget you need to create one.  Spend plenty of time working on to make it realistic.  If you do not make a realistic budget you will not be able to stick to it.  Sticking to a budget is just as important as creating it.  So make sure that it is realistic.  Review you budget often and make adjustments as needed.
By the time most people graduate college they have at least one credit card.  You need to make sure that you are not putting anything on your credit card that you do not need to.  This is very important.  College grads have plenty of debt from their student loans, and they should not be adding to it by raking up credit card debt.  So if it is not necessary do not use your credit card.
When you are trying to pay off your debt sit down with all of your statements and information.  Figure out what has the highest percentage rate.  That is what needs to be paid off first.  Do not stop making payments on other debts to pay off the one with the highest interest.  Instead make larger payments than asked for on the debt with the highest interest rate.  This will help you save money on interest, and you can put that money saved toward other debts.
New grads have a lot of debt.  There are ways to help save money and get those debts paid off faster.  That is something that all recent grads should want.  The sooner that their debts are paid off the sooner they will have financial freedom.  Freedom to buy a house, a new car, travel, or do whatever they would like with that money.

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