Financial Tips For Your 20’s

Every decade of one’s life will have different financial challenges, different financial needs, and different financial goals.  For most people when they are in their twenties they are starting out on their financial life.  There are some things they should be doing, things they should know, and things they should avoid when getting started.
When you are in your twenties you are either just finishing college and are getting started in life, or you are already started.  At this point in your life you should be making your own money and paying your own bills.  This is the point where you start your financial freedom and start taking responsibility for your own finances.
The first thing that someone in their twenties needs to learn about their finances is how to leave within their means.  This usually requires that they create a budget.  Not does one need a budget, but they also need to learn to stick to it.  When you sit down to make your budget do not make it as quickly as possible just to get it over with.  Spend time thinking about what is needed, how much you can realistically budget for what.  You want to create a budget that allows you to start putting money in a savings account.  The sooner you start saving for emergencies and retirement the better.
When you are starting out on you own financially you need to establish credit, good credit.  This can be achieved by getting a credit card, putting a purchase on it, and paying it on time.  Try to pay more than the minimum balance; this will help you to get it paid off faster, which will save you money in interest.  It also is good for your credit to get your balance paid off faster. 
When you are in your twenties is the perfect time to start developing a financial plan.  This should include short, medium, and long term goals.  If you need help with this you can find a local financial planner to help you.  They can walk you through it step by step, and explain anything to you that you do not understand. 
Once you have your financial plans set, start saving and investing toward those goals.  If you do not
know much about investments, there are financial experts who can help you.  This will get you on your way to having savings for emergencies, buying a home, and money for retirement.
It is recommended that you start saving as much as possible.  For emergencies such as a loss of income, it is recommended that you have at least six months worth of income in a savings account.  That way if you do lose your income, you have money to get you through until you find another source of income.
When you are in your twenties you are just starting out in your financial life. There is much that you need to do, some will come easier than others.  There are financial experts that, for a fee, can help you get going toward your financial goals.  You may find that some of it will be easier than other, but all is definitely worth doing.

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