Finding Ways to Save Money

When it comes to saving money we can all use more ways to save.  Finding new ways to save money is great because it can help you to save more money.  We all know that even if it is a small amount, the more you save the better off you will be later on down the road.

When you are first starting to find new ways to save money you should get yourself a small notebook and a pen to carry with you.  Every time you spend any money, no matter how much, no matter if it is on a credit card, debit card, or in cash, you need to write it down.  This should be done for a minimum of one week.  What this does is allow you to see where it is you are spending your money.  If you notice that you are spending more money on something than you think you should then you will be able to cut back at this point.

Do not go out to eat for lunch during the work week.  Many people do this out of convenience or just because they do not really think about it.  This adds up quickly over the course of a week, a month and even a year.  Instead what you should do is pack your lunch. You will be able to save so much money.  This way you can also control portion size and the health content of the meal.

Make as many purchases as you can in cash.  This helps you to notice how fast your money is going.  You can see it leaving your hands.  You can see it decreasing and it will trigger the need to hold on to it.   When you pay for everything with a debit card you do not have that cash in your hand to see it leave, you do not notice how much you are spending.  It can be much easier to let your spending get out of control if you use a credit or debit card as opposed to cash.

Take a look at your bills.  Are you paying more than you need to be?  If you have been a loyal customer with a company for so long call and ask about getting a discount for being a loyal customer.  Talk to them about a promotional rate that another company is offering, and let them know you are thinking of switching and see if they will lower your monthly bill at all.  The worst that will happen is that you will be told no, and you will never know if you do not ask.

The more ways you can find to save money the better off you will be.  Try these tips and see how they work for you.  If you find they do not work, then do not do them, if they do then keep up with them.  Then think of various ways that you can try to save even more money.  Make note of what works and what does not work, continue with what works, and stop doing what does not work.