Fingerprint Scanner on iPhone 5S Not As Good As Hoped

The new Apple iPhone has been released with a fingerprint scanner as a way to unlock the phone.  The idea behind this was to help protect the consumer if the phone was lost or stolen.  If you have to have the person’s fingerprint, then it would be much more difficult for criminals to get into the phone and steal the owner’s information.  Now that the phone has been released the fingerprint scanner is not as good as everyone hoped it would be.

It turns out you do not even need to use your fingerprint on the fingerprint scanner to unlock the phone.  People everywhere that have bought the phone have been testing the fingerprint scanner with other body parts including their nose.  What they have found is that pretty much any body part works to unlock the phone.  It is as if it unlocks because of the body heat, not because of a fingerprint.

Videos of people finding different ways to unlock the phone without using their fingerprints have been popping up all over the internet.  This has become a big internet sensation.  Every way that people can think of, and that is appropriate, has been filmed and put online.  What was supposed to be an amazing safety feature has become a joke, making everyone who owns one wanting to find a new way to unlock the phone without using their fingerprint.

The technology for this phone definitely needs worked on.  The idea behind it is great though.  This could help cut down on identity theft by making it much more difficult for criminals to access information in someone’s cell phone.  It is obvious that the safety that comes with that advanced technology is not going to be accompanying the iPhone 5S.  If Apple keeps at it, the next phone they release could be extremely secure and could keep your information safe in the event that you lose your phone or have it stolen.  The technology did not work this time but with more research and trials maybe it will work on the next phone.