Have Bills but no Job?

If you become unemployed do you know how you will pay your bills?  This is a big concern for those without job security.  Many people are dealing with this stress doing what they can to get by.
Many people who are unemployed or underemployed, those who have a job but do not make enough because they are only working part-time despite the fact that they would like to work full-time, worry about how to pay the bills that they have coming in. Many of these people are doing what they can to get by there are a few ways in which they are paying bills.
Many of the under- and unemployed have some money in their savings account. As much as they may not want to use that money, many people have been dipping into their savings to get their bills paid.  This does mean however that if an emergency comes up they will not have as much in their savings to be able to deal with it.
Another way that some are paying their bills is with unemployment benefits.  They get a certain amount of money every week or every other week that they can use to pay bills until they find a job.  Not all that are unemployed however have these benefits, so those that do have them seem to be rather lucky.
Some of these people are also relying on their spouse’s income to cover all bills and get all the necessities for the house.  Some household may have one spouse making enough to do this for a while, but usually it is not ideal for the long term.  Not everyone is so lucky that their spouse’s income can cover all the bills and necessities however.
Some under- and unemployed people are not just using one of these ways to pay their bills.  Instead they are using a mixture of these different ways, or all of them together to be able to pay their bills.  This is not ideal for most people they would rather have a good paying full-time job. 
Having a well-paying full-time job is the goal for the under- and unemployed, unfortunately that is not always possible.  These people who are still looking for that job they need are finding ways to get by until they do get it.  It is a stressful time for many, but they are doing their best to get by. 
The economy is slowly getting better, which provides some hope for those who need a good job.  They may have to wait though, nothing changes overnight.  Until they do land that job they are looking for, they have a few ways to try to stay on top of everything, but that is just until they can get that good job they are looking for.

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