Make Sure You Know Your Store’s Coupon Policies

Make Sure You Know Your Store’s Coupon PoliciesOne thing that every smart couponer needs to do is familiarize themselves with their store’s coupon policies. This will help them from getting frustrated or embarrassed at the register if something they thought they could do turns out to be something they cannot do. Here are some tips to help you get to know your store’s coupon policies.

First of all there are some stores that offer loyalty cards. These are something that you want to have. They are usually free and stores that have them will offer card holders more discounts than they will offer to others. Find out if your store offers them and what benefits you get when you sign up for one.

Some stores, but not all, will offer to double or on occasion even triple your coupons. Does your store? This is another thing you want to find out. If they do then you will be able to save much more money than with just your coupons alone. Find out what their conditions are. What amount do they cut off doubling the coupon? How often do they triple instead of double a coupon? These are all questions that you need to find answers to.

There are some stores that will allow you to do what some call stacking coupons. What this is is when you use a store coupon, with a manufacturer’s coupon. Not all stores are willing to do this. When you are learning about the store’s coupon policies this is one that you need to find out. You will save more money on an item if you are allowed to use two coupons instead of one.

Find out if your store accepts internet coupons. There are so many websites that are popping up all over the place that offer various coupons. This makes it much easier to find coupons on the items that you use. If your store does not accept online coupons you do not want to take your coupons there, you could end up embarrassed and paying more when you get to the checkout counter.

There are some stores, especially smaller local grocery stores that accept their commentator’s coupons. This is because they would rather accept these coupons than lose the business. So find out if your store is one of these stores that is willing to accept another store’s coupons.

This may sound crazy but some stores will accept expired coupons. You need to find out if your store will and if so how long can they be expired before they will no longer take them. Every store that does take expired coupons has their own time limit so check with each store.

Knowing your store’s coupon policies can truly benefit you. There are many times where if you did not know they would accept a certain coupon you would not use it, thus losing out on the discount. If you want to be able to save as much money as possible familiarize yourself with these policies. Most stores have their coupon policies on their websites and at their customer service counters.