Microbilt and OLA

Microbilt is a leading risk management partner in short term lending online.  They also work with other credit markets.  They have committed to a platinum level of sponsorship of this year’s Online Lenders Alliance Spring Summit and Fall Business Conference.
Microbilt offers services online that can quickly authenticate bank information and verify the consumer’s identity.  They are the leader in helping small businesses with tools and data.  The small businesses need these tools to make informed lending and hiring decisions and to manage business risks.  They also are able to offer the small business owner cost-effective solutions for consumer financing, background screening, preventing consumer financing, and debt collection. 
The Online Lender Alliance or OLA is a professional trade organization.  They represent the growing industry of companies offering consumers small, short-term loans. The OLA’s member companies have to abide by a list of best practices and code of conducts to ensure that their customers are fairly treated, fully informed, and using all lending products and practices responsibility.
These two companies together are working hard to make the industry better for small businesses.  In this summit the participants receive information on key updates. They also have the opportunity to meet with legislatures in small groups and individually as well. 
These two organizations make a great pair.  They are trying to make a difference in the life of small business owners, and their consumers too.  This is a partnership that seemingly will go on for years to come.  It is a wonderful partnership that has done a lot to help the small business owner.
In the fall there will be a business conference that will be put on by both the Online Lenders Alliance and Microbilt.  This will be another good opportunity for participants to get the newest information possible for their business needs. 
Without this partnership it would be much harder for small business owners to get the latest information and regulations.  They also may never have a chance to talk to legislatures.  These two companies working together provide opportunities for small business owners to get ahead in the world.  It is a wonderful opportunity for the small business owners to get a leg up.
Small business owners owe a big thank you to both of these companies.  They came together and provided great opportunities for the small business owners.  Anyone can register for these events.  There is information online on how to register to attend these events. 
Even if you are not currently a small business owner you can still attend these events so you have the information you need for when you start your own business.  It is a good idea to look into it whether you currently own a small business or are simply just thinking about starting one in the future.  It can provide so much information and opportunity to get started in the world of small business ownership.

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