Protect Your Child from Identity Theft

Everyone knows that identity theft is a problem. Most people think about it happening to adults, but never put much thought to it happening to a child. Children’s identities are becoming more and more at risk because thieves know that people do not watch a child’s identity as much as they watch an adult’s.

These identity thieves that prey on children’s identity have discovered that they can steal the child’s identity and not be discovered for years. This means they can do more damage before it is ever discovered. This will cause years of financial problems for the child when they get older.

Parents need to be extremely careful with their child’s information. They need to guard it just like they do with their own. Do not give out your child’s information if it is not necessary. Watch for the type of mail that is coming to the house for the child, and watch what kind of phone calls they are getting.

Depending on the age of the child, they should not be allowed on the internet unsupervised. If a page pops up saying they won something and asks for their information would they know enough not to provide that information? Most do not depending on age. This is why their internet usage should be monitored. You cannot block any and all sites that will possibly take advantage and steal their identity so you need to watch and be extra careful.

Along with obtaining your own credit report you need to also obtain your child’s credit report. By attaining that information you can better watch for any problems with your child’s credit. This will help you to notice that their identity has been stolen faster.

Watch for red flags. Is your underage child getting credit card offers in the mail? That can be a red flag. Underage children should not be getting such offers in the mail. This can be a sign that someone has stolen their identity and that they have opened other cards with your child’s information.

You should talk to your bank about requiring a photo ID for any transaction for any account that they family has. This can help keep identity thieves from getting money from their account. Even if the thief has a fake ID it may help to scare them off. Your bank can put a Id required restriction on all family accounts if you just ask them to.

Identity thieves are getting more and more elusive these days. It is very important for you to protect not only your identity but your child’s as well. Most do not realize it but protecting your underage child from identity theft is just as important as protecting your own. Whatever it is you do to protect your own identity you should also be doing to protect your child’s. It is for your future, and theirs.

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