Protect Yourself from Identity Manipulation

Have you heard of identity manipulation?  If not you should look into it to help protect yourself from it.  This is a trend that identity thieves are starting to follow.  You must be able to protect yourself from identity thieves not matter what way they try to steal your identity, so if you have not heard of identity manipulation you need to know how to protect yourself from it.
One way that these identity thieves use identity manipulation is to “accidentally” put down the wrong information on a credit card or loan application.  What they do is write their social security number down switching a couple numbers around so it looks like a mistake.  When the credit card comes or the loan goes through the identity thief will use it just like they would had they put their information down on the application. This leaves the person with the social security number that is being used in trouble.
The identity thieves use these credit cards or money from a loan and then do not make payments on them.  This information is eventually reported to various credit bureaus and it works its way to the credit report of the person whose social security number was used.  This causes many problems for the person who owned the social security number.  It ruins their credit and shows on their credit report making it more difficult to get loans or credit cards and if they do then they will usually end up with higher interest rates.
One way to watch out for this is to check your credit report yearly.  You are able to get your credit report once a year for free.  You must do this.  You need to check for errors or any signs that someone else has been using your social security number.  If you suspect anything you must turn it in immediately.  This is very important.
Identity manipulation is not a new tactic by identity thieves.  It is making a comeback as a top trend for identity thieves.  You must remember that identity thieves are usually very smart, they adapt to technology and ways that people are trying to protect themselves.  You must do everything you can when you are trying to protect your identity.

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