Restricting Cash Advances and Going Cheap Isn’t the Answer, Donald Trump Is

Restricting Cash Advances and Going Cheap Isn’t the Answer, Donald Trump Is

During his tenure as president, Barack Obama’s administration introduced over 21,000 regulations. Predictably this major misstep has augmented debts of over $100 billion. One sect of Americans who had been a constant victim of exploitation during those and soft target for exploitation – the average American consumers. Several of those directions came from the Consumer Financial Protection Bureau, a recently formed agency. People are getting more and more conscious about spending, availing cash advance and other such necessities out of fear of bankruptcy. These steps, however, cannot be fruitful and are not the solution the consumer should look at. The solution is getting rid of these regulations. There is only one man who can solve this and he’s doing it bit by bit, Mr. Donald Trump.

The Consumer Financial Protection Bureau (CFPB) exemplifies the authoritarian part of the federal government incorporated by American progressives. The view of the CFPB is completely against what the voters want. The voters collectively rejected this view on the day of the elections. This dangerous vision of the agency wearing the mask of a protector of consumers, their true opinion of the common consumers is that they are not clever enough to be given the responsibility of making their own decisions for themselves. Their moves might seem transparent to most of the blind followers of Obama but not to Donald Trump.

A businessman – President Trump comprehends the harmful influence that such dubious regulations have on business. A huge repair of the federal regulatory system might be too risky a political move, but Donald Trump is not a normal politician. Mr. Trump is expected to use tactics of the same cost-efficient examination technique that have proved him so well in Business. A filter must be put over the uncontrollable or hard to control rule building agencies like the EPA, HHS, IRS, and Department of Education, Department of Energy. Rules must be rationalized, plans streamlined, false exertions and needless guidelines eradicated in the backing of superior independence for consumers and increased encouragements for clever and forward business minded people to innovate.

It’s satirical that a man who created an empire – building skyscrapers for occupants. His career may now leave a heritage of vacant federal houses in Washington. Donal Trump has a chance to create a historical regulatory revolution in Washington D.C. No matter how much President Obama defended it along with his congressional Democrats (Keith Ellison, Maxine Waters) during his tenure, accusations of widespread racial, sex and LGBT discrimination were made on the board of the CFPB. The rotation of cronyism in D.C. has raised a philosophy of continuous regulatory growth at the decision-making agencies that fill the huge stone and glass structures throughout the capital. Mr. Trump is exceptionally composed to conduct an effective removal of pointless and heavy regulations that hurt American companies, small businesses and most importantly the consumers. This stunted growth needs to be addressed immediately. These shackles are created by bureaucrats who make and apply a perverse chain of regulations that raise consumer costs. This has in turn taken away the freedom of the consumer, severely restricting all consumer choices.

Far-reaching reforms like the ones Donald Trump wants to achieve could prove to be an achievement that solidifies his place in American history. Aching initially, but encouraging the unnecessary burden of excessive regulations and updating the government completely will eventually effect in the lowering of consumer goods and services prices. This will also lead a domino effect creating jobs and the return of the American consumer practicing comfortable methods of life again like taking a cash advance on their credit cards without having to fear the impending doom of bankruptcy all the time.