Save Your Budget and Dump Your Cable

It is no secret that most Americans love television.  We get interested in a show and we do not want to miss it from week to week.  This is one reason many of us have cable.  We figure the cost into our budget even at the cost of saving for retirement.  However if you have cable you need to save your budget and dump your cable.

When you do not have cable you have basic channels provided you have a converter box or and HDTV, if you do not, you have nothing.  There then would be either nothing to watch, or a very limited selection.  This is part of why people want cable, we like options. Not having cable does not take away your options.

There are companies that you can sign up with such as Netflix and HuluPlus.  These companies, for a fee of course, let you watch television and movies for a rather limited cost. The cost compared to cable is next to nothing.  Getting one or even both of these services would save you quite a bit of money every month, money that could be going to something better, such as an emergency fund or retirement savings account.

You can find many things to watch online.  There are websites such as YouTube that have videos that you can watch; some are much shorter than others.  If you get online and search ways to watch various shows you may be surprised by what you are able to watch.

Television stations will even put episodes on their websites for their fans.  They know that some of their fans may have missed the episode, some may just want to see it again, and some do not have cable and they want to be able to see the show.  Not all stations will do this, but if you get on their website or the website of the show you enjoy you may be surprised by what you can do and learn.

More and more people every day, especially those who are in the younger generation, are saying no to cable and yes to a better budget.  They know that if they dump their cable they can save their budget from being stretched too thin.  Budgets are important, but you should not have to sacrifice your entertainment in order to keep your budget healthy.  Be smart about the decisions you make and your budget will thank you and you will not be missing out on a thing.