Save Money on Back to School Supplies

It is the time of year to start thinking about going back to school.  It is a time of year that students dread because they have to give up their summer time freedom, parents hate it because they must spend a lot of money getting their children ready to go back to school.
Do not buy all the trendy stuff that your kids want.  The truth of the matter is that your child will find stuff that they like in July but once they go back to school and see what their friends have they will change their minds.  Then they will want something different than what they had to have in July.  If you wait until just after school starts to buy new stuff then it will save you the trouble and money of having to buy stuff twice.
Most retailers have end of summer sales.  This is when you should go shopping. Everyone knows that kids wear t-shirts all year, they wear them under sweaters and sweatshirts, so when a retailer puts their t-shirts on sale, grab them up. 
When you are going to go back to school shopping you should have a list of what is needed.  Most schools provide a list of supplies that the children will need for each class for the coming year.  Take the list with you when you go back to school shopping.  If you have a list and stick to it you will be better able to not spend extra money. 
Most supermarkets have some items that children need for school.  They often times before school starts these supermarkets will put out flyers and have sales on some of these items.  Check out where you can get the best deals.
If you have plenty of office supplies, let your kids have a go at them.  You may be able to skip buying pens or pencils or notebooks.  It may not be enough for the full year, but it most likely would be enough to at least get them started.  So let them look to see if there is something they can use for the school year.
There are plenty of ways you can save when it comes to back to school shopping. Look for sales, look through your own supplies, and stick to a list.  Back to school shopping does not have to be hard or terribly expensive.  Do not go shopping without a list, know what you need, and make a game plan to get what your kid needs for school.

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