Secrets to Saving More

Everyone would like to save more money.  The more saved for retirement the happier you will be when you retire.  Most people want to save they just do not know how to do so.  There are some keys to make saving money a little easier.
The first is not really a secret; it is simply just do not spend money.  It sounds easier than it is though.  This does not mean stop spending money all together, it means if you do not need it do not buy it.  This is a rule that you should live by.  Do not just go out and spend money if it is not for something that you do not need.  If you are unsure of whether or not you need a new pair of socks, then wait a week until you are sure.
Make your saving automatic.  This again is not much of a secret; most people know that if you do not have to think about saving and it is automatic you will save more. This is more of an option if you have direct deposit.  You can have a certain percentage of your check put automatically put into your savings account.  Not everyone has the option of getting direct deposit though; they must make a conscious effort to make sure that when they deposit their check themselves that they ask for so much to be put into their savings account.
Experts say that you should use cash for your purchases.  Using cash makes it easier to be conscious of the amount of money that you spend.  Most people who use a credit card do not think as much about how much they spend as they would if they were using cash.  Cash is more real than a credit card is.  Most people think that you should use cards and not cash because then you have a paper trail and can see where you spend money and how much you spend there.  This is good in theory, but you will truly think more about spending cash than using a credit card.  Take a small notebook and pen with you and write down where you spend money, how much you spend, and what you spend it on, that way when you review and possibly revise your budget you can still see where you are spending money.
When you do want to buy something you must first think about whether or not you need it.  Do not just buy something without consideration.  This is where a lot of people get into trouble, impulse purchasing can undo your budget, you must think before you buy. 
There are many things that could be considered the secret to saving.  Not every way is going to be right for everyone.  Think about what will work for you and your lifestyle.  Find what you can do and figure out new ways to cut back and save.  It does not matter what age you are, saving is incredibly important, especially if you are saving for college or retirement.

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