Senior Citizens Should Be Cautious When Paying With a Credit Card When Eating Out

It is not new news that senior citizens are at risk of having their identities stolen.  In fact it happens quite often.  Many senior citizens do not realize that they have to be careful with their identity even when they are just going out to get something to eat at a restaurant.

This is actually something that could happen to anyone, but happens more often to the elderly.  Those who steal other’s identities look at a senior citizen and think that they will be less likely to notice that their identity has been stolen.  It is because of this that they are often prayed on more.

What happens when senior citizens have their identity stolen at the restaurant is when they give their card to their server to pay for their meal.  Their server then takes their credit or debit card to the back, where the customer can no longer see them and what they are doing. The server runs the card like they are supposed to, but they also write down all of the information.

This is becoming a growing problem all across the country.  No longer do senior citizens feels safe eating out and paying with a card.  Not all restaurants accept checks anymore and not everyone carries cash.  So what does that leave them?  Well for those senior citizens who do not know that people are stealing their information this way, they are still paying with a card.

The best plan for senior citizens to stay safe when going out to eat is to simply stop and get cash on the way.  Watch where you get your cash from though, as there are some criminals who put devices on to ATMs to steal your information, so always check the machine before you use it.

It is important to help protect senior citizens all over this country.  They may be less likely to notice right away if they have had their cards and their identities compromised, while some may notice right away.  Spreading the word and talking about what could happen with the senior citizens in your life could help prevent them from becoming a victim of identity theft and credit card fraud.  You know they will be grateful as having your card compromised or your identity stolen goes way beyond an inconvenience, it is life stopping.