Small Businesses are Looking Up According to Survey

2011 was a hard year for most businesses. It seems as though that things are looking up for them so far this year. Signs of recovery in the small business section are everywhere.
Capital 1 Bank has done a survey of small businesses across the nation.This survey is showing great news for small businesses. One thing that it has shown is that perceptions toward their local economic conditions have significantly improved for small businesses. This is a very good sign. The better the local economy is the better business is for them.
This survey that Capital 1 has performed is a quarterly one. What this survey does is examine small business perceptions of the economic environment in their local community, general economic indicators, projections for the following six months, and gauging the current financial conditions and businesses.
Four out of Five small businesses that were surveyed said that their expectations for their company’s financial performance have been met. This is a very good sign, not only for the economy itself, but for small businesses in any community.
Small businesses have been upbeat lately as there have been improvements in their financial situations from last year. Things have been going very well; in fact about fifteen percent of small businesses all across the country have job openings. Not only do they have job openings, but there are so many that they are unable to fill them. This is good news for anyone who is looking for a job. There are many openings within small businesses.
These small businesses all across the country were asked about business development, spending, and investments. It turns out that small businesses are planning to increase spending in the next quarter. This will be an increase from twenty percent to twenty five percent. That is a good sign for the economy in the coming quarter.
On the other side of this is the businesses planning to decrease their spending in the next quarter. There is good news on that front as well. The percentage of these small businesses that plan to decrease spending in the next quarter is going down from fifteen percent to twelve percent. This too is good news for the economy in the next quarter, it shows that more and more of these small businesses are doing better.
Small businesses are also rather confident about what is coming up in the next quarter. They feel they will be able to help more customers, which could help to expand their business. They also feel that their cash flow is going to be greater as well.This could also help to open up more jobs. If these small businesses increase the number of customers, they will also need to increase the number of employees to help them.
Things are really starting to look up for small businesses so far this year. It looks as though this will continue throughout the rest of the year as well. This is a great sign that the economy is coming back. Small businesses are confident enough to take more risks by expanding, which helps to provide jobs to those who need it. So remember, support your local small businesses, they help out the economy in a big way.

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