Take Your Industry Education to the Next Level

The OLA Compliance University is offering an amazing educational experience for any who are interested. You do not have to be a member to attend, but it does help with tuition. They offer a large amount of information for you to be able to navigate the financial industry even better. This will help those who attend to better prepare for the Consumer Financial Protection Bureau’s new regulations.
This opportunity is coming up fast though. If you are interested it is best to find out when and where to register now. It will start on the 20th with a reception. It moves on to the 21st with a breakfast and seminars. This is a very educational experience that should not be missed if possible.
It is not that expensive to attend either. If you are a member of the University the tuition is just $695. If you are not a member the tuition goes up to $1,195 but this is still a reasonable amount for the education that you would receive. The tuition does include the course materials, so you do not have additional expenses.
Everyone who attends will get a complete overview of every facet involved in federal regulation and the compliance programs for these regulations. This will be taught by professionals who are in the forefront of the compliance with federal consumer law.They know very well the things that they will be teaching as they deal with it on a daily basis.
There is an exam at the end of the program and they will teach you about what to expect from the exam. They will teach the attendees about the Consumer Financial Protection Bureau and what they do. Federal legal requirements, marketing and advertising, collections and reporting are other things that they will learn about in the section on the Consumer Financial Protection Bureau and federal legal requirements.
In the section on compliance management requirements attendees will learn what exactly a compliance program is, how to put it into place, and how to keep it going. They will also learn about measuring their inherent and residual risks, policies, procedures and training. This will be a very valuable part of the learning experience.
This is a good way to learn many things. With this program you know for certain that you are being taught what you need to know by those who know it very well. Having professionals at the forefront of these topics is a very valuable thing. They deal with this stuff every day and therefore they have seen these things in many different ways. This means that if you have a question, they have probably dealt with that situation before, and can answer with the most accurate information possible.
This is an amazing opportunity. If you have the means it would be a good idea to get involved with this program. If you are unable to do this program this time around, there will be other opportunities in the future. Keep in mind how much you could learn from this program, and seriously consider taking it.


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