Technology and Banking

Banking has come a long way from where it was.  There are more options than ever before.  Not only that, but technology has become an important part of the banking process.
More and more people are using online or mobile banking to take care of the things they need done.  This has caused banks and credit unions to develop online services to meet the needs of their customers.  They are doing what they must to meet the demands of the consumer.
Banks and credit unions are not the only financial institutions to move online. Payday lenders now do much more advertising online.  There have also been developments of new companies who take applications online for payday loans then sell them to payday advance companies. 
On average most people only enter their bank or credit union about two to three times a year.  Too many actually going into their credit union or bank is an inconvenience.  These days people are so busy and have so many things to do they need things to be convenient as possible.  This is why mobile banking is so popular; it is very convenient and can be done on the go.
There is one down side to this on the go banking.  It has caused many banks and credit union to add charges to services that in the past where fee free.  The services that have always had fees now have larger fees.  The bank is losing money with people doing almost all of their banking online, so they have to make up for it somehow.
There are more advantages than disadvantages when it comes to online and mobile banking.  This is a trend that will continue for years.  It is what the consumer wants.  People these days are always on the go and need the convenience of online and mobile banking.
Technology has completely changed the way we do banking today.  As technology grows so will the way we bank.  More services may be offered, more online services may be offered, and the way we do our online banking may change as well.
Online bill pay, online transfers, checking account balances are all some of the things we are now able to do online.  It has changed the way we think about banking, and changed the way we think about our banks.
If someone is looking to get an account at a bank or credit union for the first time, they have the ability and option to check out that financial institution online.  All banks and credit unions have websites that give you information about them.  This helps when choosing where to have an account; you can get the information about each financial institution faster, and then compare them.  Technology has definitely changed the way we bank for the better.

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