The Sneaky Way Grocery Stores make you Spend More Money

The Sneaky Way Grocery Stores make you Spend More Money

It happens to even the thriftiest of shoppers: You run into the store to pick up a few things and wind up spending an hour shopping and walking out with a cart full of groceries… This happens so often that people don’t realize how it all takes place. Yes, you were the one who ended up buying more than you intended to, but there are some forces at work that have a definite influence on your shopping habits. There are some tried and true techniques that grocers use to get you to spend more money.

This does not mean that the grocery stores are sneaky or underhanded; only that they are using what they know works to get customers to buy more product. Of course, you’d probably like to be aware of the techniques that they use, so you have a fighting chance to get out of the store without spending your entire week’s pay, right? Keep on reading to learn about some of these tricks that the local grocery store owners probably don’t want you to know about.

Laying out Products to the Seller’s Advantage

If you have ever found yourself upset because the dairy section is so far from the groceries, you are not alone. But the grocers really know what they are doing when it comes to the layout of their stores. Basic items, like bread, eggs and poultry are always located at the very back of the store. The grocers know that if you have to pass up a lot of other stuff to get to those items you intend to pick up on a “short” shopping trip, that you’ll be more likely to actually stock up on those items. It is human nature to do so, and the grocery store planners are simply taking advantage of this behavior.

Products is Always near the Front

Have you ever noticed that most grocery stores have the produce right up front in their stores? This doesn’t happen by accident, grocery store planners know that shoppers won’t feel guilty about splurging on junk food, if they have already put some healthy foods into their carts. Again, this is the grocery store planners simply laying things out to make more profit by taking advantage of human nature.

Prices that end with ‘9’

Did you know that people are almost always willing to pay more for something if the price ends with the number nine? That’s why those infomercials always sell items for $19.99 or some similar price. The fact of the matter is that a box of snacks that costs $4.99 will almost always outsell an identical box priced at $10.00. There is only a penny difference in price, but our minds justify the single cent as a big savings.

Tweaking Your Shopping ExperienceMove to Trash

Grocery stores are always brightly lit and colorful. When you shop, there is usually relaxing music playing. These elements are all carefully put into play to make the environment one that is welcoming and comfortable. When the store ambiance is just right, the grocery store owners know that customers will stay longer and spend more money. It is easy to lose sense of time in a grocery store, and that is precisely what the people who own grocery stores are hoping that you do.

Now that you know some of the tricks the grocery stores use to get people to spend more money, you can shop a little smarter the next time you need groceries. The techniques will still affect you the same way, but being aware of these tricks can help you to be more mindful about how you spend your money.