The Various Levels of Couponing

The Various Levels of CouponingYou may have never really given it much thought before, but there are various levels of couponers. Not all couponing is the same; there are various levels to it. Here are those various levels, this will help you to know the difference, so that if you are thinking of becoming a couponer, you will know what level you want to become.

The first level is the casual couponer. There are many people who find themselves in this group, and many of those in this group did not even know they were in it. Those who do belong to this group typically will pay for all of their groceries while giving the cashier ten coupons or less. The people in this category usually only save a few dollars on their trip to the store.

The second level is the generic brand store shopper. The people in this group actually do not usually ever use a coupon. So how is it that they save money? They have realized that the generic or store brand is cheaper than the name brand even when the name brand has a coupon. Therefore they buy only store brand items. This saves them on average two to three hundred dollars a year without having to cut coupons.

If you prefer name brand items, then the second level is not for you. There are people out there who do not mind buying the generic brand for most items but do have some items that they simply will not buy generic. For these items if they have a coupon great, if not they have to pay full price. Being a generic brand store shopper is not the right choice for these people.

The coupon deal shopper is level three. These people know how to capitalize on the sale of name brand items by combining the sale price with a coupon. The people in this group are typically able to save seventy to ninety-five percent on everything they buy because they have two rules when it comes to shopping. The first rule is, do not buy it if it is not on sale. The second rule is combine the sale of the item with a coupon. This can add up to big savings every month.

The last level is level four, the extreme couponer. These people know all there is to know about using coupons. For example, they know that you are able to use a store coupon and a manufacturer’s coupon on the same item. This makes that item very cheap. They also know when it comes to a buy one get one sale you can use two coupons. The people in this group take what the people in level three do much farther. Instead of getting one deal, they feel they should get the same deal on three or four items while they are there. They will stockpile items in their home when they are able to get great deals on them. You never know when you will be able to get an amazing deal on what product.

There are many levels to couponing. Which one do you fall into? Maybe you mix two of the levels. Instead of being a level one or a level two are you a level one and a half? Do you give coupons when you have them and buy generic when you can? Whatever level you are it is always good to be able to save money.