These Waste Your Money without You Ever Thinking About It

There are a lot of ways that we waste money. There are some that we think about it, but we do it anyway or choose not to. However there are ways we all waste money without even ever really thinking about it.

The first way we waste money without thinking about it is at the convenience store. There we really are paying for convenience. It is easy to just stop at the gas station and buy something to eat or drink. It is much cheaper to go to the store to buy things to take with you in the car. Why pay for a bottle of water when you can bring one from home for a fraction of the cost?

Cell phone plans are another way we waste money without even thinking. What you should do is review your plan and bill every month. Are you paying for more minutes than you need? If so then you should think about changing your plan to a cheaper one that does not have as many minutes. All too often we pick a cell phone plan with a lot of minutes because we do not want to pay overages and we do not know how many minutes you will use. If you review your bill every month you can see if you can get a different plan and spend less.

Believe it or not but buying soda is another money waster that we do not think about. When you go out to eat and order a soda with your meal you add to the total cost of going out, ordering water is free and it will help to keep your bill down. Soda is bad for you and drinking water is much better, and much cheaper.

Bank fees are a waste of our money. If you pay attention to what is in your bank account by keeping your checkbook balanced you can avoid many fees. Bank fees add up quickly and more often than not we tend to just pay them and never think about them again.

Another way in which we waste money without even thinking about it is picking up a magazine when at the grocery store. Getting an annual subscription is much cheaper per copy. If you get an annual subscription you will save money over picking up your magazines whenever you go grocery shopping.

The best thing that you can do for yourself is to have a budget. See where you are spending your money. Figure out where you are spending extra money without even thinking about it. Once you figure out where you are wasting money you can then start thinking about how to change that. That will help you start saving more money.

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