Tips on how to save money in a tough economy

With the economy in the shape it is in many are looking for ways to save more money where they can. This can be a difficult thing for some to do. Some may even think that they don’t have time to do the simple things that could help them to save.
So what do you do? There are very simple things that can be done every day to help save money. Some may be easier than others.
One thing that is easy to do and won’t take too much time is to cut out coupons. Every day when you read the paper keep an eye out for what coupons are in it, and cut them out if it is something that you might need before the coupon expires. There are also websites you can get on to get coupons.
When you go shopping make sure the coupons you have for the things you need are with you, not at home on the kitchen table. Before you leave the house to go shopping, gather your coupons and make a list. When you get to the store stick to the list! Going to the store and grabbing something on the shelf that you don’t need but want and is not on your list can add up quickly!
Go through you closet, garage, attic, kids rooms etc. If there are things that are being stored but are not longer needed or wanted, then there is no point in keeping them. Gather them up and have a yard sale, or take them to a local consignment store. This can give you some extra money while getting rid of clutter.
Eating out adds up very quickly! Stop eating out! Instead of stopping at a fast food restaurant during your lunch break, bring your lunch. Not only is that going to save you some money, it is also healthier for you too. Same goes for dinner, instead of grabbing something quick at a fast food restaurant, buy meals that can be tossed into the oven and quickly made. Another way is to make a double, triple, or even quadruple batch of a casserole or other dishes. This way you can have left overs for lunch and a quick reheated meal for dinner the next night when you’re running short on time.
Getting together with friends is a good way to relax and destress. Unfortunately this happens by going to a bar or restaurant more than at a friend’s home. Instead of going out, invite all your friends over for a game night. You save money and could have a great time!
There are many ways to save some money in one’s everyday life. We just need to notice them. Don’t say “I’ll cut those coupons out later”that can lead to never cutting them out. Or “I don’t need to write down my grocery list, I can remember” that can lead to getting more than needed or forgetting something which causes you to go back to the store and get more unneeded items when you really only need a couple of things.
Life is busy, but one must take the time to slow down here and there to find ways to save money. If one slows down just a small amount they may find ways to save money everyday such as remembering to turn off all the lights when they leave a room. All it takes is the will to save and the consciousness to do so!

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