Wal-Mart to Change someone’s Life by Putting Their Product on Wal-Mart’s Shelves

Have you ever had an idea for an invention and thought to yourself that it would be a product many people would want if you could just get it invented and on shelves at the store? There are many people out there who feel this way and Wal-Mart is giving someone the chance to make their dream come true.  Wal-Mart’s competition for the best production to put on their shelves is over and the winner will be announced later today.

Can you imagine having an idea you think is great and you know other people would be interested in owning as well, and then getting the opportunity to pitch your product to the big shots at Wal-Mart?  Not many people can and when given the opportunity many of them were obviously nervous.

When people think about this they think about how cool it is that an average person could get their invention on the shelf at such a large chain store.  They think that it would be fun and nerve racking and that is about it.  Not many people think about the fact that the person who is chosen will have their life change forever.

They will be known, they will have more money, and they may even have people asking them for more ideas.  They may feel that they may be able to launch a new career, but if they do, will it last?  One great idea does not necessarily mean that the rest of the ideas someone comes up with are just as great.  However, if they are able to come up with a rather great idea, who’s to say they could not do it several more times?

One thing that is for sure is the winner of Wal-Mart’s competition will forever have the bragging rights that they won.  Even if Wal-Mart decides to do this again, even several more times, this winner can always say that they are the first.  It does go without saying that when the winner is announced, they will feel joy, excitement, and pride in themselves for what they have been able to accomplish, and their life will never be the same.